IMG_0249.JPGI’m not sure where to begin. I name this post Cascadia because this is the shoe I intend to wear on my hike. My feet will be the most important thing on this trip. Yes my legs, back and mind will have to be strong to complete my goal, but my feet will ultimately have to carry me the distance. My dear running friends Stacey, Mindy and Rob have blessed me with the inspiration to complete this goal. I will think of them every time I tie the laces on my Cascadias.

I feel blessed in so many ways. My first blessing is my family. I get a lump in my throat when I think about Amy and my kids. They are the best! Amy has been so good about putting up with my extreme activities. It all began in the mid 1980’s when I decided I wanted to ride my bike from Lincoln, Ne to Sioux City, Ia (135 miles). She met me half way to make sure I got some nutrition and was there at the end to put my broken body back together. She was there again last year at the Ozark 100 mile race at mile 72 to pull my cold wet shoes off and put clean dry shoes on. I love her so much.

My kids have been known too call me “psycho dad”. Rightfully so. I don’t do the things a normal person does. My ultimate goal is that some day they will be as proud of me as I am of them. All three of them are so awesome in their own way. I love them so much.

Now I have to mention my dad. My dad introduced me to the outdoors. I grew up hiking, running, biking, ice skating and basically being outside. Thank you dad. I love you so much.

I feel blessed also to have worked for Hy-Vee. Without the Hy-Vee system of employee ownership I would not have been able to retire at such a young age. What a great company. The people I worked with at every store were the best. I love you all so much. Thank you for all you did for me.

I start my hike on March 15th. I hope you will follow my journey.


2 thoughts on “Cascadia

  1. So excited to see you accomplish this huge goal! Like so many in our local running community, I appreciate the support, advice and thoughtfulness you extend to those around you. So many of us have had our lives impacted by your ability to inspire! Best of luck!


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