Fontana Dam Shelter-Spence Field Shelter 182.9 done/2006.9 to go. March 27, 2017

Hello Tennessee. I can’t say goodbye North Carolina because we cross back and forth between the two states for the next several miles. 

Here is the rainbow we saw last night. 

The shelter I stayed in last night was very full. I made friends with a couple other old guys. Their names were LowTech and Ataboy. 

My shelter tonight is the opposite. There are two other thruhikers and a dad with his two sons doing a two day hike. The two others guys names are Tasteless and Speedy. They both seem ok. In their twenties. Tasteless uses the “F” word multiple times in each sentence. Sometimes it seems like every other word. 

Today was very uneventful. It was overcast and cloudy so there weren’t  many opportunities for scenic vistas. 

The hike was easier today. Still a lot of climbing but the trails were much less technical. Lots of smooth dirt instead of rocks and roots. 

It’s supposed to rain tonight. I’m glad I’m in a shelter. 

6 thoughts on “Fontana Dam Shelter-Spence Field Shelter 182.9 done/2006.9 to go. March 27, 2017

  1. Very intense rainbow there Mike. Cool pics! Quick question, are you buying and resupplying your trail food along the way, or is your wife shipping you food at various locations?

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  2. You know what a double rainbow means don’t ya? I may not even recognize you next time I see you! 😲 It must be a struggle when some guy is always mentioning fudge and you’re so hungry. WTF?!


  3. Nice pictures. The rainbow is really cool. Don’t be afraid to take a zero. Your body will thank you. Enjoying following along. Keep on trucken.

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