Waynesboro, Virginia 

Engineer, Maple Syrup, Timber and I are all in Waynesboro to resupply, do laundry, shower and eat as much food as possible. 

Timber and I are splitting a room. Engineer and Maple Syrup are next door to us doing the same. We all spread our tents, tarps and sleeping bags outside to dry. 

Waynesboro is the biggest town we’ve been to yet with a population of over 20,000. It’s 3.7 miles off the trail. We got a hitch to town immediately. People that live near the trail are very used to picking up smelly hikers. 

First laundry. We all went together and got all our clothes in one load together. My Mountain House dehydrated meals, Clif Bars and Natures Valley Protein Bars I ordered from Amazon Prime were waiting for me at the motel, so while the laundry was going I went to Walmart to get the rest of what I needed. 

I’m switching it up a little for lunch this next week and I’m going to eat peanut butter and honey on tortilla shells instead of peanut butter and jelly. I also had to get some Snickers Bars. I bought some Oreo cookies and milk for the room snack. I miss milk SO much. 

We went to Sam’s Hot Dog Stand for lunch. All of us ate four dogs each. Then we went to the outfitters store. I needed new socks. One of my two pair has a hole worn through. 

I also bought a pair of shorts. Both pair of pants I have are way too big. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I am not sure how much. I’d guess around twenty pounds. I can’t keep my pants up. My gut I is gone and I have no butt anymore. A belt doesn’t solve the problem. I tried. All the belt does is bunch my pants up and when I tighten the hip belt on my pack I end up with chafing where my pants are crimped. 

Engineer got a new pair of shoes through the mail. He’s very excited. My new shoes already have over a 130 miles on them. They still feel great. 

There’s a great ice cream stand near our motel. I had a chocolate cake hot fudge sundae and a root beer float. 

We went to Heritage on Main Street for supper. All four of us had the bacon wrapped cheeseburger. 

It’s supposed to rain a lot here tonight. A good time to be off the trail. The forecast the rest of the week doesn’t look that great, but the worst is supposed to be tonight. We’ll hike out tomorrow after our motel breakfast. 

3 thoughts on “Waynesboro, Virginia 

  1. You keep eating like that and some of those pounds will come back only to lose them again on the next leg. Hope you have some dry weather thru the Shennies.

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