Pine Knob Shelter-Waynesboro Pennsylvania. 1066.9 done/1122.9 to go. May 12, 2017. 

Good bye Maryland. Hello Pennsylvania. 

Yes another state already. West Virginia and Maryland have very few AT miles. Pennsylvania is more than 200 miles, so I’ll be here for several days. I also hear that the last 100 miles or so are very rocky. I have heard and read that Pennsylvania is the least liked state by AT hikers. They’ve nicknamed it Rocksylvania. 

Rocks really do slow you down. I don’t know what they look like in Pennsylvania but here’s a photo of some I had to go through today. 

I got a later start today. Timber and I waited for the rain to let up a little before we started. It was 7:45 and we hiked in light rain for the first three hours or so. 

While Timber and I were stopped along the trail for lunch Maple Syrup caught up to us. It is good to have him back with us. He believes he got his toe issues taken care of. He got a new hat also. 

We hitchhiked into town to the Days Inn. Timber and I are sharing a room and Engineer and Maple Syrup are sharing one. 

I was supposed to have a food package from Amazon waiting here for me. It’s not shipping until Monday. I had to spend over an hour on the phone with Amazon and UPS to get it stopped and get my credit. The first two times worked great. I think the fact that it is a weekend messed it up. When I ordered it said it would deliver by th6 13th. Now I have to go to Walmart in the morning on my way Out of town. Walmart is higher priced on my meals than Amazon. 

Food is on my mind all the time. Well, I would actually say it’s the same with all the hikers. When I first started I just never got full, now it’s progressed to being hungry all the time. Even right after I got done eating. I got to weigh myself while I was in Harpers Ferry at the ATC headquarters. I’ve lost 25 pounds. I just can’t seem to consume enough calories. 

This is me with Piñata and Rash. Piñata is the girl. They are very nice, but unfortunately I won’t see them for a while. Their mom picked them up today and they are going to take at least two zeros. We aren’t taking any. 

The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow. Finally!

3 thoughts on “Pine Knob Shelter-Waynesboro Pennsylvania. 1066.9 done/1122.9 to go. May 12, 2017. 

    1. Yes I could write a book about the people. There’s a lot that I would like to say about some, but I don’t because there are several hikers following my blog. I don’t want negative thoughts to get back to those individuals. I’ll tell you some stories some day


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