Hexacuba Shelter-NH 25 Oliverian Brook. 1791.1 done/398.7 to go. June 23, 2017

15 miles today. The day started out not so good, but it ended up being an awesome day. 

I got up very early. I knew we were going to stay at a hostel tonight and wanted to get there in time to launder, shower and catch the shuttle to the convenience store to get pizza. 

So I got up at 4:50. As I was packing it started raining. AGAIN!

Because of the rain the hike up Mt Cube was challenging. This was the only view I had all day because of the rain. 

The descent was long and wet. I followed Amy’s orders and took it slow. 


Trail Magic is many things and usually small. It could be a cooler along the trail with sodas. A man handing out ice cream bars. Somebody giving you a ride when you’re hitchhiking. People do really cool things randomly that just help. 

I and the friends that I hike with realize that we don’t get the same trail magic as the hikers behind us. We are ahead of the big group. The people that do trail magic aren’t used to seeing hikers this early. 

Every time we cross a road we are hoping to find trail magic. We are ALWAYS hungry and thirsty. We seldom get Trail Magic. 

Today was the best. Seven miles inymy hike I came across the omelette man. He is in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire 100 yards off a gravel road. 

He made me a ham, cheese, onion, mushroom, pepper four egg omelette. I ate four chocolate no bake cookies and drank many cups of coffee. I spent an hour here. I tried to give him money and he wouldn’t take it. 

Then I hiked the rest of the way to this hostel. $25 gets you a bunk, shower, laundry and a shuttle to the convenience store. That’s living big. 

I bought a pizza and beer. The people here are super friendly. 

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