NH 25 Oliverian Brook-Lost River Rd Kinsman Notch. 1800.4 done/389.4 to go. June 24, 2017.

Only 9 miles today. My hardest day yet. 

This sign is hard to read. Here’s what it says. “This trail is extremely tough. If you lack experience please use another trail. Take special care at the Cascades to avoid tragic results “. 

The day started with a 4000 foot elevation gain in the rain. It took me almost five hours to get to the top. I have no pictures from the summit of Mt Moosilauke because it was completely enveloped in a cloud. The wind was blowing so hard I could barely stand up. 

The hardest part was yet to come. The descent was the hardest yet. The first 2.5 miles of the descent was tough, but the final 1.5 miles was ridiculous scary it was so steep. Add to that the fact that the rocks were wet from all the rain. The total descent took me four hours with the final 1.5 taking two and a half hours. 

I arrived at the bottom with a guy named Gills. We were at an odd spot between shelters. I wasn’t going to go to town to resupply until tomorrow but he and I were so shot we decided to hitchhike to town, resupply and go to a hostel. I’m now good with food for another five days. 

Engineer and I are not together anymore. We had a great talk last night. His family is going to be meeting him at Mt Katahdin July 15th. There is no way for me to maintain that pace safely. If he were to stay with me I’d be holding him back. The fact is I’m already holding him back. 

I’m heeding Amy’s advice. The parts that I feel are a little over my head I need to take slow and be safe. I’m out of my comfort zone skill wise especially on the steep descents on rocks. My legs are very bruised, battered and cut up. My arms also, but to a lesser degree. 

The rest of the trail is the toughest section. Thankfully not every day will be as tough as today. Amy’s advice was to pace myself. She’s right. 

Engineer and I will stay connected with technology for the rest of our hike as well as after the trail. He’s a fine young man. I’m pleased to call him my friend. 

5 thoughts on “NH 25 Oliverian Brook-Lost River Rd Kinsman Notch. 1800.4 done/389.4 to go. June 24, 2017.

  1. I began reading your posts from the beginning and soon read about a hiker being lifted out because of kidney stones. Aha, do I have a home remedy for that! Home or trail.
    A local chiropractor/energy healer had a printed sheet to hand patients who showed up with the terrible pain that turned out to be kidney stones. Here it is, another a tried and true cure:
    Buy a 6-pack of CLASSIC Coca Cola. Yes, Classic, the high octane stuff.
    Open one and begin to drink . Not chugga-lug, just drink the whole can as comfortably as it can be accomplished. A person can rest a between drinks. When the can is empty, open the next one and continue drinking. Do this until the pain is gone. Most of my friends say it seems to take about two and a half cans. That is all there is to it—drink Classic Coke rather steadily until the pain is gone. It works!!!!!!!


  2. Sorry to hear that you can’t finish with your friend, Engineer. But so glad to hear you can keep connected while you continue. Be proud of your decision to be safe and still reach an incredible goal! You’ll make it, Mike. Carry on.


  3. Sounds like a very smart decision and a very hard one to make. You are doing a fantastic job of hiking your own hike. Keep listening to your body.

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