Jerry Cabin Shelter-Hogback Ridge Shelter. 315.8 done/1874.0 to go. April 6, 2017. 

Today Deb and I got up early. It wasn’t raining. We wanted to be hiking as soon as it got light. We ate a bar for breakfast. No cooking. 

As we were putting our packs on to leave it started raining. We hiked pretty hard just to make time in the bad weather. We hiked in rain, sleet and snow. 

The forecast for the afternoon and up coming night were not good. We were hearing 3-6 inches of snow. Doug and Deb were offering to take me somewhere off trail if I wanted and maybe even bring me back in the morning. 

About an hour before we met Doug, Deb asked me if I’d thought about what I wanted to do. I had. I wanted to wait until we met Doug and I had a chance to check the weather on my phone. 

We arrived at Devils Fork Gap at 11:00am. Doug got there at 11:25. Deb and I immediately Jumped into the warm dry truck. 

Doug bought me a Subway sandwich and some chips and a coke. Delicious. I plugged my phone in to get a good charger. My solar charger doesn’t work very well in snow and rain. I checked the weather. Nothing had changed. 

Now I was warm, with a full stomach after sitting in their truck for an hour and a half. I decided to go on to the next shelter and just tough it out. I knew the shelter would probably be full and I’d have to pitch my tent since I wouldn’t get there until about 4:00. 

I said my goodbyes to Doug and Deb and hit the trail. After I hiked about a half mile I got to a sign saying there was a hostel about 150 yards off the trail. I hesitated there for a couple of minutes and thought about it. I decided I was in for the challenge with the cold and snow  I hiked on. 

As I gained elevation the snow and wind came harder. The trail was also becoming slippery. Sometimes it was mud, sometimes slush and sometimes snow. I was staying warm as long as I was moving. 

As I was getting closer to the shelter I began contemplating what I was going to have to do when I got there. I was pretty convinced the shelter would be full. But I held out a little hope that enough people would stop at the hostel because of the weather. 

I got lucky! When I arrived at the six person shelter there were only four in it. Sea biscuit and Engineer were there. Also two guys I didn’t know. Rayden and John Boat. 

It is cold and still snowing. All five of us have all eaten and are in our sleeping bags to stay warm. It’s not even 6:00pm yet. It’s supposed to get into the twenties tonight. 

I have my water filtration system in my sleeping bag with me. If it freezes it’s ineffective. I also have my wet socks and gloves in my sleeping bag with me. My air mattress is already deflating be cause of the cold. I think it’s going to be a long night. I hope I don’t have to get up and go to the bathroom. 

7 thoughts on “Jerry Cabin Shelter-Hogback Ridge Shelter. 315.8 done/1874.0 to go. April 6, 2017. 

  1. Mike, I am still reading all of your posts and enjoying the pictures. I pray for your safety and I will keep on reading. Carry on Friend.

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  2. Wow, I would have bet good money that you would have bailed at the hostel. Most hikers would have. You certainly are having some interesting and challenging weather. Hang in there. Better days are coming.


  3. What was it the Forest Gumps mama always said? 🤔 Sorry, Mike, I couldn’t resist! 😂 I knew exactly what you were going to do at all 3 of those junctures. Keep tough’n it out!


  4. Wow- you are one tough cookie Mike! Praying for a weather change…and that your socks dry out for this morning 😉
    Love the snow on the trail…beautiful pictures. Ill be channeling your toughness in my workouts this weekend !!!


  5. I hope this is the last of winter weather you’ll see. Your decisions remind me of your motto – “Only those who go too far will discover how far they can go.”


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