Laurel Fork Shelter-Iron Mountain Shelter. 442.9 done/1746.9 to go. April 13, 2017

Long day today. I’m tired. 22 miles mostly up hill. Gained about 2200 feet of elevation. 

I hiked with Saunter for about three hours this morning. He’s a very interesting man. 67 years old. He teaches backpacking at a college in Tennessee. He was definitely a 1960s hippie. He hitch hiked over 40,000 miles in the 60s and 70s. 

Engineer got ahead of me. He is so fast. I’ll probably see him Sunday. He’s going to take a zero in Damascus on Saturday. I will get there around noon on Saturday. I’ll get a hostel for the night and resupply. Engineer and I will both be starting Sunday morning. 

I had great views of Lake Watauga most of the day. 

Still haven’t seen any bears. I’m okay with that. 

Most important piece of gear on the trail is my water filtration system. 

The water sources on th AT are plentiful and regular. I’m amazed how many natural springs there are.  The water sometimes will just be coming right out of the side of the mountain. Many hikers don’t even bother filtering it if it’s from a Spring. I’m not talking that chance. The water tastes great. It reminds me of the well water I grew up on. 

If it’s warm I go through about a gallon a day. I have a 3 liter bladder I carry in my pack and my 22oz bottle on my belt. 

I spend about 30 minutes every day filtering my water. 

7 thoughts on “Laurel Fork Shelter-Iron Mountain Shelter. 442.9 done/1746.9 to go. April 13, 2017

  1. At the rate you’re going, Mike, you will probably weigh 100 lbs. or less! Be careful! And don’t argue with any bears you might meet. Watch for the Easter bunny.

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  2. Hi Mike, I am Sue, Nellie’s sister. I am sure you heard about our Ohio trip to walk Grandma Gatewood’s trail in Hocking Hills State Park. I am really enjoying your posts about the AT. Don’t think I could do what you are doing. If I ever get in the area, I sure would like to try just a short hike to say I have been on the AT.

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      1. Sue lives in Wayne NE. Randy & I traveled with Sue and husband Jerry to Hocking Hills. Jerry is a retired Trucker – he knew the way through and around every major city we passed on our trip to Ohio. A living GPS! Great fun.
        I’m excited to have found three of the places you mention on my maps. You’re making great time!

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