Maupin Field Shelter-Rockfish Gap. 861.9 done/1327.9 to go. May 3, 2017

First yesterday’s pictures. 

Me and Engineer. 

Engineer and Maple Syrup. 

I got up early again today and was hiking by 6:00. There were two positive things about that. First were the beautiful sunrise views. 

The other great thing will seem silly to all of you. Something very simple. A trash can. I wish I would have taken a picture of it. 

Here’s the thing. You have to pack all your trash out. You leave absolutely nothing behind. So today I had five days of trash in my pack. It’s eye opening how much waste we make. So when we encounter a trash can it’s a blessing. The overlook I took the sunrise pictures was actually a pull off on the Blue Ridge Parkway, WITH A TRASH CAN.  Hallelujah I finally got rid of my trash. 

I hiked for about two hours with a woman named Walden. People can be interesting. She was interesting to say the least. 

The highlight today was Humpback Mountain. 

I wish this picture would have turned out better. This is the trail. Walking literally on the edge of the mountain. Straight down on one side.

This is a chimney remains from a cabin from the early 1800’s. 

It was a great day. Tomorrow I’ll wash and resupply in Waynesboro Virginia. The weather looks like it’s going to turn bad this weekend as I head into the Shenandoah National Park. I’m glad I haven’t sent my cold weather clothes home yet. 

10 thoughts on “Maupin Field Shelter-Rockfish Gap. 861.9 done/1327.9 to go. May 3, 2017

  1. Mike,

    I think these are probably you best pics yet! Really enjoy reading about your trek every day. Stay safe, stay healthy and keep having fun!!!!

    Steve Slykhuis

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  2. I understand your fascination and obsession with trash cans. They were most welcome whenever I came across one. Enjoying tagging along..

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  3. God has given us a beautiful world and you help us appreciate with your pictures. Thank you for letting us continue to enjoy the trail thou your eyes. Stay safe and go get a wopper of hamburger😎

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  4. The pictures are great! I don’t know how you tell where the trail is sometimes. Amazing. Your comment about the trash can came at a good time because it is Soil and Water Conservation Week! So you are doing your part to take care of our earth!

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