Orange Turnpike-Bear Mountain. 1402.9 done/786.9 to go. May 30, 2017. 

Today was a good day. The weather was pretty wet and drippy all morning and cloudy but dry in the afternoon. 

The morning started with more challenging climbing. It took me 90 minutes to go the first 1.8 miles. To put that in perspective, my normal pace for an entire day is 2 to 2.5 miles per hour. That includes breaks and rough terrain. If I’m just on smooth dirt I can go 3 to 3.5 miles per hour. 

After that first 1.8 the trail offered a nice variety of smooth and easy to challenging. 

I went through two state parks. They were both beautiful. 

Then came the Lemon Squeezer. The only way to get through is to take your pack off and push it through and up onto a rock. Right after I went through I heard voices below. I suspected it might be Lilo and Stitch. I’ve been seeing them off and on and leapfrogging with them for several days. They are couple from Montreal. I took some pictures and video for them and decided to use it to show you how challenging things can be sometimes. ​​​

​​​Lilo and Stitch are going to New York City tomorrow. A lot of hikers take some time off trail in this area to go to NYC. They’re going to be back on trail in a couple days. 

Bear Mountain was definitely the highlight today. It’s obvious that this area was developed as a destination for people from the city a couple of centuries ago. The stone stairs and trails are magnificent. Many great views. On clear days you can see the NYC skyline from on top. 

I will come back to Bear Mountain as a tourist in the future. By the way,  the other place I know I would like to revisit and spend more time is Harpers Ferry West Virginia. 

I injured my knee today. I slipped on a rock at a stream crossing and fell. My knee landed awkwardly on my trekking pole. It’s sore and pretty swollen. Not much blood. 

I got a bunk at Bear Mountain. The other three Caballeros stayed at a shelter 9 miles back. They will catch up tomorrow. I’m going to start later tomorrow to rest my knee and let them catch up. I’m going to meet them at Walmart in Peekskill. We all need to resupply. 

The goal after we resupply at Walmart is to try to make it to Clarence Fahnestock State Park. They offer free camping and showers to AT through hikers. 

3 thoughts on “Orange Turnpike-Bear Mountain. 1402.9 done/786.9 to go. May 30, 2017. 

  1. MIke, this is important, true and it WORKS. I have used it many times. This is for you and all hikers and non hikers. When you receive an injury–bump, scrape, twist– IMMEDIATELY, or as soon as possible, put your hand on it (important but not necessary if you can’t) and say aloud or silently (your choice) THE LORD’S PRAYER. AND (MOST IMPORTANT) say, “Thank you Father for healing this.” You will be SO, so pleased with the results.
    Don’t say please heal this because it is already done. Say thank you for healing this.

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  2. PS if someone else in injured and can’t do it for themselves, put you hand on it if you can, and say the healing prayer. If you want to do it anonymously, picture yourself placing your hand and say the prayer with the intention it is for that person.

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