Zero in North Conway New Hampshire. 

My new shoes made it and I finally got the right ones. 

I have my shuttle back to the trail for tomorrow morning all arranged. I get picked up at 7:00am. 

I’ve started my 14 days of antibiotics for Lymes Disease and feel very confident it was caught in time. So did the PA that treated me. 

The dentist did an awesome job on my tooth. They went above and beyond squeezing me into their schedule and contacting my insurance. 

My lips are still swollen and scabbed. No pictures. I took some and shared with Amy and my children. Not to disparage a class of people, but until I got my tooth fixed I was sporting the hillbilly look. 

I have spent most of my two days here in my room getting some R&R. I did need a few things from the store. I did my laundry. I’ve been eating a lot. 

I was quite shocked when I was at the medical clinic when they weighed me. I’ve lost 30 pounds since I left home. I’ve tried to reverse that a little. I have eaten Thai twice since I’ve been here and may go back tonight. I have a new favorite ice cream. 

There’s 1160 calories in that container. I have had two of those. I also have given the bakery next door a lot of business. 

Tomorrow when I’m back on trail I’ll be going through The Presidentials. Nine mountains in a row all named after presidents. My Washington is the biggest, with a reputation for the most volatile weather. 

For many years Mt Washington held the world record for the highest surface wind speed recorded on the planet at 231mph. Somewhere in Australia broke that record and it still stands as second. 

Timber was there last week and dealt with snow and temperatures in the 20’s. 

I’m not sure how often I will have cell service as I go through the Presidentials, so I may combine some days on my blog. 

Looking forward to getting home. I have considered quitting. I’m sure my mom and Amy would say that might be best. They’re probably right. I’m so close. I feel like I have to try. I have to confess, I’ll be happy to be done. 

9 thoughts on “Zero in North Conway New Hampshire. 

  1. You’ve been through a lot but man are you going to have stories. Hope your health keeps up and you find a few easier days. thanks for all the pictures. Dave

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  2. Mike, it has been fun watching your journey through the AT. We have enjoyed the virtual tour so much and so if you continue or not we thank you for taking us all along. Your Owasa friend.

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  3. You’ve got this, Mike! Stay strong and hike on. I’m praying you thru…so just think how bad of shape you’d be in if I wasn’t.🤔😳

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