ME Hwy 4-Perham Stream. 1984.7 done/205.1 to go. 90.63% completed. July 11, 2017. 

15.3 miles today. What a great day it turned out to be. 

The television meteorologist got it wrong. The rain all went south. So, a challenging day for terrain, but dry rock and no additional mud are always good. I actually had to put sunscreen on. 

UIt was also a spectacular day of scenery. Saddleback Mountain was the highlight. 

I hiked off and on with a young man from Minnesota. His trail name is Sota. Otherwise I’m seeing fewer hikers. 

I’m stealth camping tonight next to Perham Stream on an abandoned logging road. I was hoping to make it to this next shelter but I wasn’t sure I could make it before dark. I sure would prefer to be around other people and a privy. Instead I’m alone with no cell service. 

Tomorrow’s terrain looks challenging again. I hope to make it at least 15 miles tomorrow. 

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