Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to-Rainbow Stream Lean-to-The Birches Lean-to and Campsite- Mt Katahdin. 

With the exception of getting to text Amy once I was without service the last three days of my hike. I decided it would be best to combine them.

Friday, July 21st was a long day of 30 miles. It wasn’t difficult with climbing, but it was very painful. Since it got hot and I sweat profusely my hip belt and straps on my pack produced some severe chafing.

The day also had a lot of rocks, roots and mud. Every time I would slip or trip enough my pack would shift I would be gritting my teeth.

Plus 30 miles made for a long day. It was getting dark when I got to camp. Everyone that was there was already in their sleeping bag and I still had to cook supper.

Saturday, July 22nd I did another long day of 25 miles.

I got up at 4:20 and got an early start. The first 15 miles were more of the same with rocks, roots and the pain from the chafing. It was flat though.

At mile 15 there is a campground store and restaurant. This is the point you come out of the 100 Mile Wilderness. I did the 100 Mile Wilderness in four and a half days. I stopped to get something to eat and Cheez, Coyote and French Dip were all there.

Cheez and Coyote stayed there to camp as they have family coming that is going to summit with them on Monday.

After eating French Dip and I hiked on for the final ten miles to Birches Campsite at the base of Mt Katahdin.  This hike was super flat and easy.

There are four of us here that will be summiting. French Dip, Down Cow and Sarge. There are other hikers summiting Mt Katahdin as there are everyday. People come here to climb this mountain from many places. They aren’t here because of the Appalachian Trail. The four of us are the only AT through hikers tomorrow.

I will be the 152nd AT through hiker to finish this year. When I went through the AT Center in Harpers Ferry West Virginia I was the 175th. So I passed a few people.

Sunday, July 23rd. 

It was hard to get to sleep last night. When I did I slept well. Maybe I couldn’t sleep because of how bad I smell. Hot temperatures, profuse sweating with no shower since Monday don’t make a good combination.

I got up at 4:20 and was hiking by 5:45 with tons of adrenaline. The hike was easy and hard at the same time. The only things I carried in my pack were food for the day, first aid kit, rain jacket and guide book. I felt like I could fly.

The hike was easy because of the adrenaline. It was hard, but no harder than anything I’ve already done.

When I got to the top there was already half a dozen hikers there. Among them were the three men I camped with last night. French Dip, Sarge and Down Cow. They clapped and cheered as I summited. I cried.

After I composed myself French Dip took my picture. The pose was important because that’s the same pose that Timber and Engineer posted when they finished. I expect the same from Maple Syrup when he recovers and finishes.

I hiked a lot with French Dip towards the end. I met him in the Whites of New Hampshire at Lake of the Clouds Hut after hiking in a terrible thunderstorm. He’s a fine young man. 

I came down the mountain on a different and “easier ” trail. This easier was still hard. I went back to the ranger station and got the rest of my gear and put it in my pack and started walking down the gravel road out of Baxter State Park. I put my thumb out to the first vehicle that came by and Jay and his wife Lindsay picked me up and drove me all the way to Millinocket.

I’m in a motel room making arrangements to get home and make up lost time with Amy. Oh, I’m also eating. This is after eating Chinese. 

I will have one last post after I get home. There are many emotions right now. This was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

I met a lot of great people on the trail. To many to remember and mention.

Engineer, Maple Syrup, Timber, Cheez, Coyote and French Dip. We went through a lot. I love you guys and will never forget you. 

22 thoughts on “Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to-Rainbow Stream Lean-to-The Birches Lean-to and Campsite- Mt Katahdin. 

  1. Congratulations MIKE!!! What an incredidable acomplishment. I will now refer to you as “Iron Mike” the toughest man I have ever met!

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  2. Congratulations Mike! I can’t imagine the raw emotion that you must have felt climbing your last steps to the top. I really looked forward to your daily updates and accomplishments. You have given many great conversation over the last 4 months. Way to go Mike!!

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  3. Congratulations! Miss you a ton and can’t wait to hear about your hike in person! You are awesome! Great job and see you when you get home!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Super job and congrats on a job well done. Amazing piece of perservance.. I will miss reading your posts everyday. Thank you for bringing me along.

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  5. Amazing Mike! Congratulations! I can’t imagine the range of emotions. So happy you made it safely! I will miss reading your posts every morning but glad you will reunite with the family. What an incredible journey!!

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  6. A hiker myself, I commend you on this feat. I was alway elated coming off the trail after a week out. I can’t begin to imagine yours right now. I have been following your blog your entire journey with great admiration. Way to go buddy!

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  7. Congratulations, Mike! You have been in our prayers daily. We are thankful that you completed your amazing AT hike and rejoice that you will soon be back home with Amy, family and friends.

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  8. WooHooooo! You did it, Mike…just like I knew you would…with perseverance and class. Our prayers have been answered for your safe finish and good health (other than a few chaffings, broken tooth, lunes, etc) I guess I don’t need to remind you, huh? 😜)
    We’ll be excited to celebrate with you sometime when you’re back in the Midwest. Travel blessings now for your journey home and your reunion with Amy & fam!

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  9. Praising God for your accomplishment! I’m certain you can relate to this passage from Romans 5: “…we boast in the hope of the glory of God. 3Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

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  10. Makenna got me started following your adventure. Then my computer had to be sent away. Just got it back. I have LOVED reading this. I feel like I know the friends you made. And I’ll admit, when you briefly mentioned not finishing I thought, “Noooooo!” 😉 I’m glad you are safe and well and back with Amy. Lori Mullikin

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