Day 6 Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. September 2, 2019

Ryan and I got up at 5:30 this morning and we were hiking by 6:30.

Today’s hike back to the trailhead to our vehicle was was pretty easy and uneventful. It was 13 miles and we made it by 10:30am. Only four hours of hiking. Ryan was hard to keep up with today.

We kept hearing about bear activity but never saw any.

We arrived at the trailhead with some high fives to celebrate a wonderful fifty mile through hike. It was awesome to be able to spend three days and two nights in the back country of the Grand Tetons.

Then we made our way to Jackson Hole Wyoming to shop. We needed some water bags for our water filtration, pop tarts, McDonald’s, coffee and gas.

Then we drove to Yellowstone. WOW!! Beautiful!

The drive to our campground was awesome. We set up our tents/camp, then showered. Man did that feel good. Three days without a shower makes you appreciate it more.

We ate supper at Canyon Village. It was alright.

Then we drove to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Tons of tourist traffic, but beautiful.

Back to the campground to enjoy the campfire and father/son bonding. More adventures tomorrow.

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