Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Black Hills and Badlands.

A full day today. Ryan and i had a great night in Custer State Park campground last night.

We tore down camp and were on the road to the trailhead for our Harney Peak summit by 7:15. We met my cousin Dan, who lives in Rapid City. The hike was about four hours round trip.

After Harney Peak we had lunch at the Slate Creek Grill in Hills City. Delicious hot beef sandwich. I recommend it if you’re in the area.

Then a trip to the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Next we went to Mount Rushmore.

Then finally Ryan and I made our way to Badlands National Park. The sunset was breathtaking. I’m sure the pictures won’t do it justice.

Now we are waiting to see the stars with no light pollution. The temperature is perfect for sitting out. Our next door camper with the $250,000 motor home pulling a car finally shut off his air conditioner so we can hear the coyotes.

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