Getting Closer 

I’m sitting in a motel room in Murfreesboro,Tennessee  one day closer to starting my AT hike. I’m driving with a Fellow Hy-Vee retiree and his wife. Keith and Netta Van Gent are friendly, generous Dutch people from Pella Iowa. 

Keith and I are starting together at Springer Mountain and will stay together as long as we can. Netta will be driving support, camping and some day-hiking for at least the first couple weeks. Once we are secure and confident in our abilities she will likely head home. Or, who knows, maybe she’ll catch the long distance hiking bug, ditch the Ford Flex, and continue on. 

The hike starts about 36 hours from now. I’m so excited it’s been hard to sleep. 

Tomorrow we drive to Dawsonville Georgia where we have a room and will check our packs on last time. 

In closing I would like to say to my Fremont Hy-Vee family “I’m living my dream ” Thank you, I love you all. 

To my wife Amy, I love you. 

4 thoughts on “Getting Closer 

  1. don’t forget to post what you are eating! “Some” of us will be eating the new fried donuts and Cheesecake Factory cheesecake!


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