Tri Corner Knob Shelter-Standing Bear Farm. 240.3 miles done/1949.5 to go. March 31, 2017

Last night was kind of a sleepless night. Lots of rain and wind. I got up early and hit the trail as soon as it got light. 

I hiked the first four hours in the rain. I feel a little cheated. I’ve spent four days in the Smokies and three of them have been in fog and clouds. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I’ll be leaving Low Tech behind. He is going to take two zeros. 

I’m going to meet an old friend in the next day or two. Doug Dop who managed Hy-Vee stores also lives nearby. He’s going to drop his wife Deb off to hike a few days with me. I’m looking forward to seeing some friends. 

Hopefully I’ll have better phone service tomorrow. 

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