Standing Bear Farm-Roaring Fork Shelter. 255.5 done/1934.3 to go. April 1, 2017

Started hiking this morning at 7:30. The forecast said 0% chance of rain and sunny. I hiked the whole morning in fog and drizzle. 

I was supposed to meet Doug and Deb at Spanish Oak Gap at 10:00. That didn’t work out so well since there’s no road going there. After a a lot of driving around on their part we finally connected at Max Patch Road at around 3:00pm. They brought me a Subway sub and a coke. That tasted sooo good. 

Deb is going to hike with me for several days. We took off and within minutes summited Max Patch. It is breathtakingly beautiful. 

We arrived at our shelter around five and ate supper, filtered some water and went to bed. Bedtime is early on the trail. It’s dark at 8:00 and there’s nothing else to do. Especially when you can’t build a fire because everything is so wet. 

No cell service again today. I’ll be sending this tomorrow. 

3 thoughts on “Standing Bear Farm-Roaring Fork Shelter. 255.5 done/1934.3 to go. April 1, 2017

  1. Love all the pictures and following along with your posts 🙂 I remember Max’s Patch!! We had found kites tangled in the trees and got them down to fly for awhile before packing them out. Keep on keeping on!! All the best 🙂

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