Deer Park Mountain Shelter-Hot Springs, NC. 273.4 done/1916.0 to go. April 3, 2017

Today was kind of a crazy day.

 I slept last night perhaps better than I have since I’ve been on the trail. I was in my tent and the temperature was perfect. Fifty degrees maybe. I didn’t have to think about mice and I was plenty tired from the days hike. 

I got up around 5:45am and began my morning routine of packing. The only thing I didn’t do was cook some oatmeal. I knew that I would be going through my first trail town on the AT. We come close to a lot of towns but don’t actually go right through very many. I wanted town food for breakfast. 

Deb and I were on the trail by 7:15am. We were in town by 9:00ish. I had a sausage and cheese omelette with hash browns and a side of bacon. And lots of coffee. OMG. Good. I was in heaven. 

Then Deb and I went to the outfitters store. I bought a few supplies and she bought a new pair of hiking shoes. 

We heard bad things about the weather so we went back to the cafe we had breakfast at and hung out on the porch of the restaurant. Then the rain came. 

It poured. We sat there with our phones pulling up the weather and it’s supposed to get worse. Storms with high winds. 

So I decided to get a room at a motel for the night. The bonus was getting to do laundry too. My room was last updated in the 1960’s

 Later this week it sounds like we could get snow. I’m glad I haven’t sent my cold weather stuff home. 

I miss Amy and Ryan. I never knew a motel room could be so lonely. 

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be good. But later this week is questionable. 

2 thoughts on “Deer Park Mountain Shelter-Hot Springs, NC. 273.4 done/1916.0 to go. April 3, 2017

  1. I found Hot Springs on y maps! YAY!
    I was thinking about you when I was having a little hiking adventure of my own. I posted about it on my blog. I think you are having way more fun than I did!

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  2. Don’t know if “Elmer’s” is still around but his place was an icon when I hiked the trail 15+ years ago. You are making great time and doing a good job of avoiding the sucking black hole that towns are. There is nothing better than clean dry clothes besides your favorite pint of B&J. Enjoying tagging along and reliving the memories.

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