Hot Springs NC-Log Cabin Drive. 289.7 done/1901.1 to go. April 4, 2017. 

Today’s weather was perfect so we put in a long day. 17 miles. We wanted to get as far as we could today because it sounds like rain is a sure thing for tomorrow. Deb and I would like to get to the next shelter 11 miles from here so we don’t have to set up tents in the rain. The bad news is that I may be hiking in snow on Friday. This is an example of trail magic. Someone put a cooler of iced down sodas next to the trail. Perfect timing. Our day ended between shelters today. This bunkhouse is only $20 and was about one mile off the trail. We hiked to it. For our $20 we get a bunk, shower and wifi. Deb was excited because staying here means she’s experienced tent, shelter, motel and bunkhouse. Deb’s husband is picking her up Thursday which means I’m on my own for a while. Hopefully I’ll find Low Tech, 8-Track or Tasteless so I have some company. 

5 thoughts on “Hot Springs NC-Log Cabin Drive. 289.7 done/1901.1 to go. April 4, 2017. 

  1. That looks like a really nice place to stay. That’s one thing about being a thru hiker, you have to deal with whatever the weather is head on. Good luck Mike.


  2. Hey Mike! Glad you had a good, clear day of hiking. When I read about the shelter mice it confirmed the AT is not for me. You’re making good progress!


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