No Business Knob Shelter-Cherry Gap Shelter. 359.8 done/1830.0 to go. April 9, 2017. 

It’s amazing how one day the trail gets into your head and the next day can be glorious. 

The weather was perfect. Started out in the 30’s and I think when I was at lower altitudes it was around 70. 

I hiked my longest day yet. 23.3 miles. Engineer and I were the only ones that did that. Low Tech and Rocketeer were going to the hostel and were going to take a zero tomorrow. A zero is a day off the trail. I don’t know how far King James and Cousin Eddie were going. 

The first six miles were mostly downhill to Uncle Johnies Hostel and Outfitters. I stopped there to use their restroom, brush my teeth and shave. I bought a bag of Fritos and a Pepsi. I was there exactly 30 minutes and got back on the trail. 

The rest of the day is mostly uphill. One of the highlights was Beauty Spot Gap. First the view was beautiful. Second, Engineer and I got trail magic. A previous thru hiker was giving free hamburgers and beer or pop. Delicious. I had a double hamburger. 

There was also a really cool green mossy forest at the top of Unaka Mountain. There’s also still some traces of snow at the higher altitude. 

I got to Cherry Gap Shelter at about 5:45. Engineer beat me here by about twenty minutes. All the flat tent spots were taken and there was only one person in the six person shelter. So I decided to stay in the shelter with Ho Chi Minh. He’s a Canadian that is my age. He talks so much I’m having a difficult time writing this blog tonight. 

Tomorrow I’m not sure how far I’m going. 

I got to talk to Amy tonight. The connection was terrible so we didn’t talk long. 

4 thoughts on “No Business Knob Shelter-Cherry Gap Shelter. 359.8 done/1830.0 to go. April 9, 2017. 

  1. I want some trail magic! 🍔 But that would mean I’d have to do what your doing. Never mind! I do enjoy your posts and seeing the beauty of the area, Mike. Be safe!

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