Cherry Gap Shelter-Overmountain Shelter. 384.5 done/1805.3 to go. April 10, 2017. 

The first thing I want to say today is thank you. Thanks for reading my blog. I also want you to know that I see and read all the comments. On Facebook, twitter and my blog site. I try to like them all. I rarely comment though. The reason is that I’m constantly rationing my battery life on my phone.

One of you inquired about calorie intake versus how many I’m burning. I really don’t know. I mentioned “hiker hunger ” a couple of days ago. That means I and most of the other hikers are hungry most of the time. Even when we eat we never really get full. Today I had a Clif bar for breakfast, a Nature Valley nut and chocolate bar mid morning and for lunch some trail mix and beef jerky and a snickers bar. For supper I ate a dehydrated meal of chicken and rice that was supposed to be 3 servings. I ate the whole thing. 810 calories in that meal alone. I still ate some more trail mix after supper because I was still hungry. I know I have lost weight. I don’t know how much, but I would say 15-20 pounds. I’m having problems keeping my pants hitched up. I’m probably going to be looking for a cheap belt when I get to a town again. 

Today was another very good day. The weather was perfect. In the 30s when I started. As the day went on I was gaining altitude so I don’t think it ever got above 50 even though in the towns at lower altitudes it was supposed to get in the 70s. There is even still some patches of snow left from last Thursday’s storm in the higher elevations. 

There were some great views today from Little Rock Knob, Roan Mountain and Round Bald. 

I left this morning early. 6:45 as soon as it was light enough to see the trail. I hiked alone again today. However Engineer did make it to the shelter I’m at. I did meet another guy I like. Saunter. He’s 67 years old, but not doing the whole thing. He’s getting off the trail when we get to Damascus Va. I 

The shelter I’m at has a beautiful view. The shelter is an old barn converted into a shelter. I’m staying in my tent tonight though. The moon rising over the mountain next to us was really cool. For a fewer minutes it looked like the mountain was on fire. 

Today was long. Almost 25 miles. I am only going to do 18 tomorrow. My legs are tired. 

8 thoughts on “Cherry Gap Shelter-Overmountain Shelter. 384.5 done/1805.3 to go. April 10, 2017. 

  1. I love seeing your blog every morning! The pics are gorgeous and I am always ready to hear what you accomplished the day before. EAT MORE!!


  2. Just so you know I get so hungry reading these blogs that I had to eat a fresh fried donut! I think I might have one more in your honor! Lol. Keep up the quest and stay safe!

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  3. Hi, Mike. I don’t expect you to answer your emails. Just remember that we are all thinking of you and praying for you. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. Below freezing in Fremont this morning!

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  4. Mike, I am so glad you are blogging as you go so we can read about your journey. Bought Bill Bryson ‘ s book about his “walk” at the library sale last weekend. His writing won’t be any better than yours but should be fun to learn more about where you are at. Your pictures are amazing. Look forward to every entry. Ellen

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  5. You are moving right along. Be sure to eat lots of B&J ice cream. Tons of calories 1000+ in a container. Besides it tastes good. Don’t worry too much about the weight, just eat more. I lost over 30 pounds. Unfortunately I gained it all back and then some.

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  6. I’m amazed at your speedy hike; even after your recent fall. Ouch! As the mom of a 2015 AT hiker, all of the location names are so familiar. I feel guilty that I just had a snack before I read this. Have Amy call us if she wants to borrow the dehydrator. Lightning Bug (Lisa) made up some pretty tasty trail dinners that we shipped to trail towns. Enjoy the journey!

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