Overmountain Shelter-Mountaineer Shelter. 402.5 done/1787.3 to go. April 11, 2017

Another awesome day. Maybe the best all around day. 

I was on the trail at 7:15 today and immediately climbed to Little Hump Mountain. 

Then it was on to Hump Mountain. It was magnificent. The sun was out, the birds were singing and the view was incredible. I’m sure again that pictures won’t do it justice. 

Next was Doll Flats. Here I left North Carolina for good. The trail has been following and going back and forth between TN and NC. I’ll be in Tennessee for two or three days and then will be in Virginia. 

Engineer caught me just as we were crossing a highway and we decided to hike the quarter mile down the highway to get some supplies. They have a little general store with hiker stuff. We each bought and cooked a Tombstone Pizza and ate a pint of Ben and Jerrys. That took care of my hiker hunger. I bought a couple more dehydrated meals and was back on my way with a full belly and a smile. 

Isaacs Cemetery. 

Jones Falls was amazing. These young guys were getting ready to climb the falls even though there was a sign that said not to. 

I also went past the 400 mile mark. The time and miles are passing quickly. I’m thankful my feet are holding up well. Nothing but some little nuisance blisters and a couple of black toe nails. 

The shelter I’m at holds 14 and there are only six of us. Engineer, Slow Motion, X-Ray, Wayne and me. There are some huge spiders inhabiting this shelter. My daughter Megan would love it. 

One of my friends recommended I start including bits of information about my equipment. I’ve been planning to do that and will start soon. 

6 thoughts on “Overmountain Shelter-Mountaineer Shelter. 402.5 done/1787.3 to go. April 11, 2017

  1. Mike, can’t wait to follow your blog each day. They have all been so interesting and I am still in awe that anyone would endure what you have been day in and day out. We enjoyed your visit more than you will ever know. We look forward to someday meeting Amy and spending time together again. We received your card and deeply appreciated your thoughtfulness. We do receive our mail now at 2840 Aaron Branch Way, Sevierville, TN 37876. Finally put up a mailbox and no more trips to the P.O.
    Enjoy your journey! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

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