Pearisburg Virginia-Bally Gap Shelter. 658.6 done/1531.2 to go. April 24, 2017

I started my day with Hardee’s breakfast burritos and coffee. Then I had to hike seven tenths of a mile to get back to the trail. Nobody picked me up this time. 

It rained a lot here yesterday and last night. There are flash flood warnings in our area. The rain stopped shortly after I started but my feet were wet all day from all the stream crossings. All the streams were full. Normally you can get across on stepping stones and keep your feet dry. Not today. 

I made it 24 miles today. Pretty uneventful. A few good views but every time I went up in elevation it was foggy. Or maybe it’s a cloud I’m in I’m not sure. 

As I made the final climb to the shelter it started raining again. Luckily there was only two guys in the shelter when I arrived. Thank goodness I didn’t have to put my tent up in the rain. 

Timber and Road Runner were here. Maple Syrup, Sweet Spot and Leaf Bear showed up later. So the shelter is full. Engineer had to wait in town for the post office to open to get a package. So he’s behind me somewhere. I’m sure he’ll catch up soon. 

It’s still raining at 9 o’clock. I hope it stops by tomorrow. I’m dreading putting on wet shoes tomorrow morning. 

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