Bally Gap Shelter-Niday Shelter. 685.6 done/1504.2 to go. April 25, 2017. 

Another fairly uneventful day. Mostly because of the weather. 

I’m starting to feel a little cheated.  My guidebook is really good about noting all the scenic vistas. Even the ones you have to hike a little ways off trail to see. I feel cheated because I’ve missed so many of the views due to rain and fog. 

Today was wet and foggy most of the day. The only thing to do then is just hike. 

That’s what I did. I did get a picture of this tree. It’s the largest Oak Tree on the AT in the south. Over eighteen feet around and 300 years old. 

I did get a few good views in the late afternoon. 

My feet were wet all day again today. The streams are still full and the trail is still muddy. I’m sure my feet will be wet all day tomorrow also. I have my socks hanging inside my tent trying to dry them a little. It won’t do much good because my shoes will still be wet. 

I hiked 27 miles today. Six miles further than I had intended. When I got to the shelter previous to this one it was only 4:00 and I knew Maple Syrup was coming to this shelter. My guide book showed the elevation profile being flat and down so I thought no problem. I was wrong because the trail got really hard. Especially crossing boulder fields and swollen streams. 

I didn’t get here until 7:30. There was still room in the shelter but I pitched my tent since the rain is done. Engineer caught us today too. Timber and Sweet Spot and another guy I don’t know are here also. Oh yeah, and Maple Syrup. 

I was also very hungry when I got here. It was dark when I finally got to eat. I had to pitch my tent and filter water first. I had Knorr Spinach Noodles and added Salmon. I also made a peanut butter and jelly tortilla wrap and ate a Quest Bar and Snickers. 

A special shout out to two good friends back in Fremont. Brenda and Julie helped me surprise Amy with a special treat. You two are the best. The muy pronto comment didn’t slip by me though Brenda. I still owe you. 

Already 10:30. Time for some sleep. 

8 thoughts on “Bally Gap Shelter-Niday Shelter. 685.6 done/1504.2 to go. April 25, 2017. 

  1. Sorry about the unfortunate wet & dreary weather you’re having, Mike. Hopefully in the near future of May you’ll be praising those April showers! 🌼 I love the old oak pic and can hear a devotional in that…as well as the wet, stinky socks. ☺️ You are certainly being tested and used for His purpose…so carry on, soldier. 👊🏼

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  2. Lol! I knew you wouldn’t let me down and you were just waiting for the right time to fire back about it. I am really enjoying your blog everyday. Keep it up you are doing great. Love you and miss you a lot!

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