Niday Shelter-Catawba Mountain Shelter. 710.3 done/1479.5 to go. 

Today was a good day. It started with a climb up Brush Mountain.At the top is a monument to Audie Murphy, the most decorated American soldier ever. Evidently he died in a plane crash near here 

After that came the hike up Cove Mountain. There were lots of great views. The climbing and hiking was very challenging. 

This is Maple Syrup. 

Then came Dragon’s Tooth. 

The hike up to Dragon’s tooth was super challenging. Normally if I’m hiking well I can cover 2.5-3 miles per hour. This section slowed me down to about one mile per hour and it was about two miles of that. Then the descent from Dragons Tooth got worse. It took me an hour and a half to go .7. The pictures won’t do it justice. It was not only hard, but scary. There were many times I just stood there wondering how I was going to get down. Especially with a fifty pound pack on. 

It slowed me down so much I didn’t think I could make it to the shelter. I contemplated just pitching my tent somewhere. I was in kind of a funk. Then Timber came up from behind and we decided to work together at making it. We rolled in just after 8:00 as it was getting dark. So another late night. 

Tomorrow is a special day. McAfee’s Knob is one of the most iconic spots on the trail. Our shelter is only 1.5 miles from it. So we are all getting up early to be there by sunrise. Engineer, Maple Syrup, Sweet Spot, Timber, Wolverine and me. 

6 thoughts on “Niday Shelter-Catawba Mountain Shelter. 710.3 done/1479.5 to go. 

  1. Fingers crossed for good views at McAfee’s Knob! Dragon’s tooth is good training for bouldering in the Whites and up Katahdin 🙂 Keep on keeping on! You’re cruising!!

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