Daleville, Virginia-Bobblets Gap Shelter. 746.6 done/1443.2 to go. April 28, 2017

I ate the hotel breakfast and was on my way on the trail by 8:50.

The first two hours were all climbing. At the first shelter five miles in was Timber taking a break. He and I hiked together for the next several hours. He had to stop at around mile 10 to filter some water. 

I carry more water than most people. Our son in law, Alex and daughter, Megan gave me this 3 liter water bladder for my pack. While I end up carrying more weight in water than most hikers I don’t have to stop and filter as often. And lately the water sources have been less frequent and some hikers are running out of water and getting a little dehydrated. Not me. I like not running out and only filtering once a day. 

The hike was pretty uneventful today. The trail was easier and less technical. A few good views. 

I saw this green snake. You’ll have to look close to see it. It was the greenest snake I’ve ever seen. 

My new shoes feel awesome. Thank you Alex and Megan. The bad thing is that my pack is very heavy. Between the seven days food supply I put in it and the extra snacks Megan sent I’m sure I’m over 50 pounds. Maybe even 55. I did eat the two oranges and bananas for lunch that she sent. That reduced me a couple pounds there. 

At my shelter tonight is Double Knot, Bootie, Timber and me. Engineer and Maple Syrup are probably at the last shelter back seven miles. I’m sure they’ll catch me soon. This is Timber in this picture. He’s from Baton Rouge Louisiana. He just finished grad school and will be starting medical school in late July at LSU. 

I did 18 miles today. I will probably do the same tomorrow. It looks to be mostly up hill. If it’s easier than I think I may try for 23 miles. 

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