Bobblets Gap Shelter-Thunder Hill Shelter. 770.3 done/1419.5 to go. April 29, 2017

  • Very uneventful day. I hiked 23.7 miles today. I started at 6:00am with Double Knot. We hiked together for about four hours. He got a little ahead and I stopped for a break and I never saw him again. This is Double Knot from a distance. I was really taking a picture of the flowers. The trail has been paralleling the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. 

It was hot and humid today and most of the day was climbing. I went through at least two gallons of water. 

Originally I was only going to go 18 miles today but I got to that shelter at 2:30 and didn’t feel ready to stop. 

At the top of Apple Orchard Mountain is this Federal Aviation Administration Tower. There would normally be some great views from here but the heat and humidity just left enough haze to obstruct the view. 

This is called the guilloteen.

At my shelter tonight are two south bounders, Golden, and Maps. Also Timber and Sitting Bull. No sign of Engineer and Maple Syrup. 

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