Gravel Spring Hut-Dick’s Dome Shelter. 984.9 done/1204.9 to go. May 9, 2017 

Another long day. 28.6 miles today.

We are without Maple Syrup today.. He got up super early and hiked to town. He went to go find a clinic about his toe. We were unaware he was having this problem.. it’s not clear whether he got to a clinic, but we did get a message that he ordered a new pair of shoes and will be back on the trail when they arrive. Hopefully he’ll catch up. 

Tomorrow we are going 19 miles and will be staying at a $20 bunkhouse. Here we’ll be able to shower and launder our clothes included in that price. Pretty good deal. 

The morning hike seemed hard to me. I stopped for lunch next to a highway and ate some peanut butter and honey on tortilla. Engineer caught up to me here. We learned there was a hostel only one tenth of a mile away with food. We walked there and Engineer ate a pizza. Timber and I had ice cream since we had already eaten. I was able to call my daughter and tell her happy birthday. It ended up being a two hour lunch. 

The weather was perfect. I took advantage at the hostel to take my shoes and socks off for a while. They were wet from a stream crossing and an hour of sun did some magic to them. Because of the long lunch and high mileage we arrived at this shelter just before dark. It’s a brand new shelter with a front porch. 

We left Shenandoah National Park today. The trail was mostly smooth and easy, I’ll go over the 1000 mile mark tomorrow. Day after tomorrow I’ll leave Virginia and enter West Virginia. 

Alps is going off trail temporarily to visit Washington DC. I guess we are only about a one hour drive away. Engineer and Timber are here along with Toothless, Snap, Piñata, Asswipe and some others I don’t remember.

5 thoughts on “Gravel Spring Hut-Dick’s Dome Shelter. 984.9 done/1204.9 to go. May 9, 2017 

  1. With Maryland in the headlights, any plans to do the Maryland Challenge ( hiking all 38 miles of Maryland in one day)? Something to think about.

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