Waynesboro Pennsylvania-Quarry Gap Shelter. 1085.1 done/1104.7 to go. May 14, 2017

Great day today. After breakfast we all combined our laundry into one load. Then it was time to go to Walmart. 

Walmart was about four miles away. Engineer and Maple Syrup weren’t quite ready. Plus we agree that all four of us together with our packs are less likely to get a hitch. Most cars don’t have that much room. So Timber and I left. The first vehicle to come by picked us up. A guy named Kip in a pickup. He took us to Walmart. I did my shopping While Timber sat in the Subway watching our packs. He didn’t need anything. When I got done I ordered a foot long sub to pack out on the trail with me. Timber was on the phone with his girlfriend and Engineer and Maple Syrup were shopping now. I wanted to get going so I told them I would see them on the trail. As I was leaving with my backpack on a lady struck up a conversation with me about hiking and then offered to take me to the trailhead. 

The rest of the group claim that I’m the best at hitching a ride. I and whoever is with me always get one immediately. I tell them it’s because I’m clean shaven. Virtually all the male hikers have beards. I’ve only met one other hiker so far that shaves. I don’t shave everyday, but I do every 2-3 days. I don’t use shaving cream. Just water and a razor. I’ve got pretty good at doing it by feel. No mirror. Usually in a stream. 

Anyway I never thought I’d be 58 years old hitchhiking. People that live in these towns near the trail are used to seeing hitchhikers. I always offer the person some gas money for doing it. Not one person has accepted any money yet. 

Taking a little break. The sun was out and it was beautiful. I’m so happy to hike the whole 18 miles with dry feet and no raincoat. 

The view from Chimney Rock was great. 

We didn’t get started until about 1:00. So we made pretty good time getting 18 miles before arriving at this amazing shelter. It’s the nicest one I’ve seen yet. Timber, Engineer, Maple Syrup and I aren’t all here. Also Northern Light and Hilton are here. 

Tomorrow we’ll officially pass the half way point. There’s a State Park we go through that has a store that offers the half gallon challenge. That’s a challenge to eat a half gallon of ice cream in a certain amount of time. I’ll be doing that. Probably chocolate. 

9 thoughts on “Waynesboro Pennsylvania-Quarry Gap Shelter. 1085.1 done/1104.7 to go. May 14, 2017

  1. LOL Nana used to tell me that you would come into her house after school and say, “Nana, what have you got that’s good to eat that’s chocolate.” PS, I could eat a half gallon of ice cream at one sitting. Probably vanilla—or Blue Bunny cherry chocolate chip.

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