Quarry Gap Shelter-Remote Campsite by a stream. 1113.5 done/1076.3 to go. May 15, 2017. 

Today Is exactly two months of hiking and I just passed the half way point. 

So at the rate I’m going it could take around four months instead of the five I originally thought. This is good, because as I mentioned before I miss being home. I miss Amy, my kids, grandkids and friends. I belong home. 

I know there will be some very challenging sections coming up. Especially New Hampshire and Maine. But I’m still hoping closer to four than five. 

I hiked 28 miles today and didn’t get to do the half gallon challenge. The store that does it was closed on weekdays. It’s supposed to start opening everyday in mid May. We are ahead of the big bubble of through hikers by two to three weeks. I suppose it doesn’t pay for them to be open yet. 

You will notice in the picture above that the half way mileage is different. This sign was put up several years ago. The mileage on the trail changes a little every year. Sections get rerouted or redone for a variety of reasons. Some of the main ones are erosion, washouts, fire damage and sections that have big tree blowdowns because of storms. 

Timber, Engineer and Maple Syrup all stopped at another store that is about a quarter mile off the trail to get ice cream. I missed the turn and didn’t realize it until I was well past. I didn’t feel like turning around. 

We are not at a shelter tonight. We are at a tent site next to a stream along the trail. 

It was nice today. Just the right temperature. Tonight it’s only going to get down to 60. This will be the first night I can remember in a long time that it will be higher than 30s and 40s. 

6 thoughts on “Quarry Gap Shelter-Remote Campsite by a stream. 1113.5 done/1076.3 to go. May 15, 2017. 

  1. You’re killing it!! Every day I see you putting up mileage in the 20s, way to go!! At this rate you’ll be back in time to run the Hawk!! You can give me words of encouragement as you lap me :-p Enjoy the nice weather!!

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