High Point Shelter-Wawayanda Shelter. 1361.9 done/827.9 to go. May 28, 2017

24 miles today. I was in and out of New York a few times today. The trail goes along the New Jersey/New York state line and in and out of both. We are camped in New Jersey and tomorrow after four miles we’ll be in New York and Done with New Jersey. 

I stopped this morning at a small General Store in Unionville NY and had some breakfast. Shortly after that Engineer and Maple Syrup caught up with me and we hiked together the rest of the day. 

We got some trail magic from the guy that lives here. We chatted with him for about a half hour and he gave us some Powerade. 

We stopped at a shelter midday for lunch and Timber caught up to us. 

We hiked today through a very touristy section. We encountered hundreds of day hikers. 

We were all very excited about a hot dog stand just off the trail that we read about in our guide book. We were VERY disappointed to find out it was closed. 

We did however stop at a roadside fruit stand and had some delicious watermelon. 

We aren’t actually at a shelter or camp site tonight. We are stealth camping again about a quarter mile from the shelter. When we arrived the shelter was full and all the tent sights were taken. There are a lot of weekend hikers taking all the spots. 

It’s pretty much guaranteed it’s going to rain overnight and into tomorrow morning. I’m hoping my tent stays dry. 

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