Side trail to Crater Lake-High Point Shelter. 1338.0 done/851.8 to go. May 27, 2017.  

25 miles today. Not much to report. There were a few scenic views, but mostly it was negotiating the relentless rocks. 

I started on the trail at around 6:15. As usual I was the first one out. At about 10:00 I got to a highway where there was a diner a little over a mile away. Nobody picked me up, so I walked the way. I ate some breakfast and successfully hitched a ride back to the trail.  

I hiked all day alone. With about four miles left to the shelter Engineer caught and passed me. 

Engineer and I are the only ones in the shelter. Timber and Maple Syrup decided to “Cowboy Camp ” behind us. Cowboy camping is just rolling up in your sleeping bag out in the open. I’m sure they will catch up tomorrow. 

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