Graymoor Spiritual Life Center-RPH Shelter. 1429.3 done/760.5 to go. June 1, 2017. 

19 miles today. I struggled today. I’m really banged up. 

Of course my knee still hurts. My left heel feels bruised. I hope that will be solved when I get new shoes tomorrow. I fell again today. 

I slipped on a wet rock while doing a steep descent. As I was going down I reached back to grab a rock to stop myself. I couldn’t hang on. I slid down the rock and scraped my arm pretty good. It’s my shoulder that really hurts though. I think I might have sprained it. I can’t lift my left arm up over my head 

Maple Syrup also fell today and hurt his knee. He broke one of his trekking poles in the process. He also has shin splints. 

I have to hike five miles tomorrow to the deli my shoes are being shipped to. I’m not sure how far I’ll go after that. It’ll definitely be a lower mileage day. If my shoes don’t arrive until mid-late afternoon it’ll be a very short day. 

So I hiked pretty slow today. There were some great views 

7 thoughts on “Graymoor Spiritual Life Center-RPH Shelter. 1429.3 done/760.5 to go. June 1, 2017. 

  1. No rain🤗No Pain🤕No Maine! I told you from all reports that area is an energy suck…slow down ….check your footing…your old…..go slow…stop trying to sprint to the finish! Words from a very wise wife! ( or smart aleck) your choice! ( the blood looked real so I am sure your hurt) Your too far to quit…I am not coming to get you! So SLOW it down and heal up! Just saying!

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