RPH Shelter-Telephone Pioneer Shelter. 1445.8 done/744.0 to go. June 2, 2017. 

Today was a great day. New shoes make such a difference. 

First I would say I was really tired when I was writing last night and maybe a little grumpy. I would say I was in a funk. I needed an attitude adjustment and Amy gave it to me publicly on Facebook. I love her. 

I’m convinced that my shoes were contributing to my problems. Especially slipping and falling. The tread and lugs on the bottom were worn down to almost smooth. I was trying to make them last until I went to Albany to visit Megan and Alex. I won’t be making that mistake again. 

So this morning I slept in a little and wasn’t on the trail until 7:15. I hiked to the deli my shoes were being shipped to. I got there about 10:00. 

This deli is about .4 off the trail and they are very hiker friendly. They have a picnic table in back in a nice grassy area and outlets to charge photos. 

My shoes weren’t there yet so I ordered a couple breakfast sandwiches and coffee and chocolate milk. Then Engineer showed up. He also ate. Cheese and Coyote also arrived. They are a very nice young married couple from Wisconsin. We’ve been seeing them frequently the last few days. Then Maple Syrup came. 

UPS finally showed up with my shoes at about 1:00. Engineer, Maple Syrup and I shared a sandwich and were hiking again about 2:00. 

Timber hiked ahead of us. He needs to continue high mileage to meet his deadline. Maple Syrup is having some shin splints so we three agreed to back down the mileage. It was very nice of them to wait for me today. 

The shelter we are at also has Lost and Found, Willn, CFunk, Moss and his dog disco. We ended up doing 17 miles. 

My knee felt much better today. I’m hoping my shoulder will feel better tomorrow. 

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