Happy Hill Shelter-Moose Mountain Shelter. 1758.6 done/431.2 to go. June 21, 2017. 

Good bye Vermont. Hello New Hampshire. 12 states done. 2 to go. 

Only 17 miles today, but it was an awesome day. My tendinitis issue behind my knee was much better. 

The first six miles this morning were mostly downhill and easy. I hiked into Hanover New Hampshire at about 9:30am and went directly to a cafe and ate three pastries and drank three coffees. 

I didn’t witness it because I left early, but Cheez and Coyote hiked a mile this morning naked. Today is national hike naked day. The mosquitoes are so bad I don’t know how they did it. 

Then as I was walking through town I saw an optical place. I went in and they tightened and adjusted my beaten and battered glasses. I failed to tell you I ran into a tree about ten days ago. My glasses were wobbly and wouldn’t sit straight on my face. It feels so good to have them fixed. No charge too. Trail Magic. 

Next I went to the recreation center of a senior citizen home where they offer hikers a shower and laundry for five dollars. That felt awesome. 

While my clothes were drying I went to the grocery store for more tortillas and honey. 

Then I met Engineer, Cheez and Coyote for lunch at a Nepali restaurant. Ice cream after lunch was awesome. 

We spent a total of four hours in town. Back onto the trail for another 11 miles it was mostly climbing. There was a nice view from the summit of Moose Mountain. 

The mosquitoes are terrible again tonight. I wore my rain jacket, long pants and mosquito net over my head. The goal is to not expose any skin. 

I’m not sure how far I am going tomorrow. It looks like a lot of climbing and the shelters are spaced oddly apart. 

2 thoughts on “Happy Hill Shelter-Moose Mountain Shelter. 1758.6 done/431.2 to go. June 21, 2017. 

  1. Hope you stopped at the local B&J store in Hanover for a free ice cream. Bummer about the mosquitoes and the knee issues. Enjoying your trip.

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