Wintturi Shelter-Happy Hill Shelter. 1741.8 done/448.0 to go. June 20, 2017

21 miles today. No rain and very scenic also. 

I got a little later start than normal this morning. I didn’t even get out of my sleeping bag until the rain stopped, which was about 6:30. I started hiking at 7:30. 

We were excited about stopping at a little country store for lunch today, but it was closed. So I ate my usual, peanut butter and honey on tortillas. 

The sun was out most of the day. The trail was fairly easy. N

Tomorrow we hike through Hanover New Hampshire. We won’t stay in town, but we will stop for lunch. 

I’m sleeping in my tent tonight as are Engineer, Cheez and Coyote. We are the only ones at this site and we chose to stay in our tents because the mosquitoes are so bad. 

The pain behind my knee was still there today but seemed a little better then yesterday. I’m pretty sure it’s tendinitis. 

4 thoughts on “Wintturi Shelter-Happy Hill Shelter. 1741.8 done/448.0 to go. June 20, 2017

  1. I hope your knee gets better. The healing prayer seems to be more for injuries and accidents than for “conditions” but doesn’t hurt to try.

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