Garfield Pond-Zealand Falls Hut. 1836.6 done/353.2 to go. 83.86% done. June 27, 2017

10.4 miles today. This catches me up. I’ll have a new post tomorrow morning and also post some pictures I missed previously. 

The day started with two huge climbs. Man, this is tough. I’m definitely feeling my age. One climb was eight tenths of a mile that took me an hour and twenty minutes. 

I will say that along with being the toughest hiking it’s the most beautiful scenery so far on the trail. I’m hearing it stays hard and gets more beautiful. 

These posts are behind now because of a lack of cell service. Plus the service is so weak uploading photos has been challenging. When I get good service I’ll send several days worth of pictures. 

I stopped at one of the huts late morning and they gave me some black bean and quinoa soup and coffee. 

This is from South Peak Mountain. There was also this little animal on the mountain. Not sure what it is. 

This afternoon a thunderstorm rolled in about 4:00. I arrived at the Zealand Falls Hut about 5:30. There was no way I would make it to the next shelter and campsite by dark. 

I went in and inquired about their work for stay. I’ve read and heard that was available to through hikers.  After their guests were done eating I and the cooks got to eat the leftover enchiladas. My work was to clean the freezer with bleach water and sweep the kitchen floor. That took about an hour. Now I get to bed down on the dining room floor. 

These are some views from the Hut. 

Tomorrow after I do eight miles I’m going to the AMC Highland Center. It’s run by the nonprofit Appalachian Mountain Club. I have a new pair of shoes being shipped there and they have a bunk house and showers. 

This granite in New Hampshire has worn the tread down on this pair after 400 miles. I have 350 miles left so this should be my last pair. 

I’m really missing Amy, family and home in general. I’m a little unhappy about being slowed down by the difficulty. The views are awesome though. And I know I have to finish or I’ll always be drawn back. 

2 thoughts on “Garfield Pond-Zealand Falls Hut. 1836.6 done/353.2 to go. 83.86% done. June 27, 2017

  1. The views are awesome, Mike! Keep your spirits up — soon it’ll be over and a part of you will wonder why you were so anxious to have it end. Enjoy the wonder of these great outdoors that the good Lord created. And, thanks again for taking all of us along!

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