Kinsman Pond Shelter-Garfield Pond. 1826.2 done/363.6 to go. 83.4% finished. June 26, 2017. 

I hiked for 13 hours today and only made it 14.3 miles. The views were the best yet. 

I started out with a big descent. Two miles into my hike I got some trail magic. In New Hampshire there are these huts on the trail. They call them huts, but they are kind of a backwoods resort type of thing that people pay pretty good money to stay at. Usually not AT through hikers unless they are doing a work for stay, which some do. 

As I was going by I decided to stop in  to see what it looked like. Breakfast was over and they had leftovers they were giving away. I had oatmeal, eggs and pancakes with real maple syrup. Oh yeah and coffee. 

This was the view from Little Haystack Mountain. 

This is a look down at what I had to climb up.

Then some amazing views from Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette. A

I wanted to make it to the next shelter but ran out of time. I’m stealth camping next to a pond. Honey Badger and Juke Box are here also. It’s been sprinkling off and on this evening. 

I’m losing three toenails. I’ve never lost a toenail in my life so this is new to me. 

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