Maine Hwy 27-Little Bigelow Lean-to. 2016.9 done/172.9 to go. 92.10% completed. July 13, 2017. 

15.3 miles today. I’m pretty happy with that considering the tough climbing, rain, wet rocks and excessive mud. 

It rained most of the night and all morning. It was hard starting out in the morning. To go from dry, clean and warm to walking in the rain and mud is cruel. 

With the conditions I would have been happy with 10-12 miles. I hiked  until 7:45 tonight to make it to this shelter. 

It was very slow going today. Because of the rain and then the fog in the afternoon there weren’t any scenic views until after 5:00 when the sun came out. 

I hiked the Bigelow’s today. First was South Horn, then Bigelow Mountain West Peak. 

Then Avery Peak. This climb was the most challenging because you had to boulder hop. 

Then on Little Bigelow Mountain I finally got some great views.  

There are three people in the shelter here. They are all southbound hikers so I don’t know any of them. I’m staying in my tent. 

Tomorrow the trail levels out and I don’t have much elevation change, but the trail will be a muddy mess. 

The most I’ll go tomorrow will be 18 miles. The Kennebec River is 21 miles from here and hikers are required to use the ferry. It’s too dangerous to ford. The ferry only operates until 2:00. There’s no way I’ll make it in time, so I’ll have to stop at the shelter before the river. I’ll also be delayed in the morning because the ferry doesn’t start until 9:00am. 

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