Springer Mt-Gooch Mt 15.8 miles March 15, 2017

Got a little bit of a late start this morning. We had some snow that made the windy, narrow gravel road up the mountain a very long ride. 

I’m Keith and I made the two mile round trip up to Springer. Keith decided with the sketchy roads and questionable directions to the next trailhead to go with Netta, so I went on alone.

The snow stopped and the sun was out. Temps started out at 12 degrees and I think may have reached close to 30. Doesn’t sound like Georgia weather does it. I stopped a little after noon and ate a Clif bar and some beef jerky. I stuck a Snickers bar in my pocket for mid afternoon. 

I only saw about 10 people on the trail. It sounds like many went off trail to town because of the cold. I hiked the final five miles with a young man named Smith. Yes that’s his first name. He’s from Baton Rouge. He’s not liking the cold. 

I got to Gooch Mt about 6:00 and got right down to business pitching my tent and cooking supper. Knorr butter and herb noodles with tuna added. Still trying to perfect the right amount of water. 

I’m in my sleeping bag now trying to stay warm. It’s supposed to get down to around 15 tonight. 

Bonus! I got enough of a signal to call Amy for a few minutes. We see if I’m able to send this.  

Tomorrow I’ll meet Keith and hike some more. 

Happy trails. 

7 thoughts on “Springer Mt-Gooch Mt 15.8 miles March 15, 2017

  1. An interesting start. Just remember, it WILL get warmer. Besides just think about the character you are building and all the great stories that come from this.

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  2. Sounds & looks fun…NOT! However, I’m so proud of you Mike for livin’ your dream. 👊🏼 Praying for His presence to be evident on your hike today. Psalm 145 “Great is the Lord and worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom…”
    but you’re getting a glimpse!


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