Neel Gap to Low Gap Shelter 42.9 done/2146.9 to go March 17, 2017

Today was great. Slept awesome in the cabin last night. They wash hikers clothes as part of the rental. Nice bonus. Pepperoni Pizza for supper last night. Left over pizza for breakfast this morning. 

If you look close at the picture of the tree you’ll see hikers shoes and boots. It’s tradition that hikers who quit the trail at Neel’s Gap hang their shoes. Pam is in the picture above. She’s the one that got the cabin. She’s 67 years old and hiking alone. 
Today was only a 11 mile day but challenging. Lots of big climbs. 

Our camp site tonight is nice. Expecting rain tonight. It got to about 60 degrees today and it’s supposed to get down in the forties tonight. Much better than night before last. 

Lunch today was trail mix and jerky. Tuna and noodles on the menu tonight. My pack is still heavy. I got it down to 43 pounds this morning. So far I’m able to manage it fine. 

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