Roaring Fork Shelter-Deer Park Mountain Shelter. 270.2 done/1919.6 to go. 

Deb Dop and I hiked almost 15 miles today. Farther than we intended. I already have my trail legs, but Deb doesn’t. The shelters were not spaced apart for us very well. Leaving Roaring Fork it was 4.8 miles to the next shelter. To short. We were there before 11:00am. The next one after that was 9.9 more. To far. The plan was to stop at a tent only sight somewhere in between. I thought we were going to have a good spot with a water source along the way. That didn’t work out. We ended up pushing on to the shelter. 

We are both very tired and also dehydrated. I made two trips to the stream to filter water after we got to camp. I made Knorr chicken fried rice for supper. It turned out very well. 

Also at this site is Cousin Eddie and Joker. Cousin Eddie was camping with us last night. She just graduated from Baylor and is going to become a registered dietitian. 

Tonight I’m in my tent instead of the shelter. There was room in the shelter, but it had just as many mice as last nights shelter. It’s warmer and no rain forecast for tonight. 

Tomorrow is a big day everybody on the trail is looking forward to. The AT goes right through the small town of Hot Sprins North Carolina. That means town food and resupply. Consequently that means my mileage will be lower. 

There’s an 80% chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully that comes when I am in town. 

2 thoughts on “Roaring Fork Shelter-Deer Park Mountain Shelter. 270.2 done/1919.6 to go. 

  1. Mike, I get tired just reading about your long hikes. So happy for you – doing the thing you always wanted to do.


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