My Greylock-VT 9. 1610.6 done/579.2 to go. June 13, 2017

Goodbye Massachusetts. Hello Vermont. It’s starting to sink in that I’m getting close. 11 states done, 3 to go. 

I did 24.6 miles today. I’m not sure how many miles Engineer and Maple Syrup did today. Hopefully I gained more on them today. 

I wish I wouldn’t have waited for breakfast at Mt Greylock this morning. Blueberry muffins was all they served. They were warm out of the oven and delicious, but I would have rather started hiking earlier. 

I hiked all morning and part of the afternoon with Ultra. He got his name because he runs ultra marathons. Kind of crazy huh. 

This is Roaring Branch Pond. There were three beavers busy working here. Look how big that Dam is. One of the beavers was huge. 

I’m in my tent stealth camping tonight next to Vermont highway 9 and a stream. All my clothes are soaking wet. It’s a combination of sweat, rain and falling in a big mud puddle. 

It got to about 90 degrees today so I was sweating profusely most of the day. At about 6:00 tonight I was crossing a swampy area on some 2×10 boards that were a kind of foot bridge. These are somewhat common in wet areas. Today I slipped on one and fell into a giant mud puddle. 

While I was in a stream trying to wash the mud off me it started raining. 

The descent to where I am now was steep and rocky. With the rocks wet it took me a long time to get down. It was dark when I got done. 

So after pitching my tent I cooked some supper. Now I’m laying on my air mattress trying to let my clothes dry so that I can get into my sleeping bag.

Now my only dry clothes are dirty and smell. I’m kind of dreading that I won’t get a shower or do laundry until Saturday. The rest of the way services and towns are pretty scarce. 

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