Story Spring Shelter-Bromley Mountain. 1653.7 done/536.1 to go. June 15, 2017. 

It was three months ago today that I started this hike. I’m 75.5% done. That means I’m on track to finish in four months instead of five. I know I will finish in July, but I don’t know if I’ll be done by the 15th. I keep hearing the hardest hiking is yet to come in New Hampshire and Maine. 

Today I did 24 miles. The highlight of the day came early. Stratton Mountain. It was at the summit of this mountain that Brenton McKay dreamt of the idea of the Appalachian Trail 

After Stratton Mountain was Stratton Pond. Here Maple Syrup, Coyote, Cheez and I went for a swim. 

This felt so good. I went in with my clothes on and removed them while in the water to rinse the sweat and dirt out of them. I hung them in the sun to dry while I ate lunch. 

Engineer, Maple Syrup, Cheez, Coyote and I are all staying at the summit of Brinkley Mountain. There’s some other hikers we don’t know staying here also. 

We are staying in a ski hut. The lady that donated this land for skiing wrote into the contract that hikers could always stay here. The view here is beautiful. It’s also nice to be out of the bugs. Also there is a chance for rain tonight. The rain sounds certain for tomorrow. 

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