Boomlet Mountain-Little Rock Pond Shelter. 1670.5 miles done/519.3 to go. June 16, 2017. 

Only 17 miles today. It rained almost the entire day. So, I didn’t take any pictures during our hike. 

Cell service is becoming very spotty. From here on we are very rural. We haven’t crossed a highway for two days. Only gravel roads and forest service roads. There may be times in the future that I post multiple days together. 

Maple Syrup, Engineer, Jolly Rancher and I all stopped at the same shelter for lunch. It was as much to get out of the rain for awhile as it was to eat. 

We all hiked together off and on all day. 

When we got to this shelter Cheez and Coyote were already here. It was about 4:15. We had talked about going to the shelter after this one which would have been 21 miles. We had heard that shelter was pretty small and not very nice. This one was empty , super nice and we were wet. We decided to stop for the day. This is the lake by the shelter. T

So, in this shelter tonight are Engineer, Maple Syrup, Cheez, Coyote, Jolly Rancher, Chainsaw, Mona Lisa, Truck, Monster Dump, Weatherman and one other guy I don’t remember.

Engineer is washing his feet and legs after a day of hiking in the rain and mud. I did the same thing when he was done 

The sad news today is that Maple Syrup has decided to get off the trail for a short time. He’s been battling shin pain for several weeks and it has only gotten worse. He thinks it could even be a stress fracture. He will go home to Montreal and stay as long as it takes to heal and come back and finish his through hike. 

Tomorrow we will hike the 13 miles to Rutland Vermont. Maple Syrup, Engineer, Cheez, Coyote and I will stay at a hiker hostel called the Yellow Deli. We all need showers, laundry and resupply. This hostel is run by the Twelve Tribes Spirtual Center. It’s free but you are expected to give a donation. 

My clothes all smell terrible now and I’m almost out of food. Tomorrow hiking to town my pack might be the lightest it’s been. 

So barring a miracle We’ll be saying goodbye to Maple Syrup and Engineer,Coyote, Cheez and I will be hiking on. 

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