Little Rock Pond Shelter-VT 103. 1683.1 done/506.7 to go. June 16, 2017. 

Hiked 13 miles today. Engineer, Coyote, Cheez and I are staying at the Yellow Cafe Hiker Hostel. 

The Twelve Tribes Spiritual Community that runs this is a communal group that almost has a cultish feel to it. They invited us to their worship. No pressure and we don’t go. We got a bunk, shower and laundry for a suggested donation of $20. It’s also right across from Walmart. 

The hike was pretty uneventful. These cairns were pretty neat. I added a rock to one of them.

We were focused on getting to town so we could get our stuff done. I hitchhiked to get the 8.5 miles into town. It took me two hitches though. The first guy that picked me up didn’t want to go all the way to town. He had wooden tables in the back of his pickup that were hanging over the sides and off the back of his truck. He was afraid of getting a ticket for his load so he dropped me off at an intersection about three miles away. Then I got picked up by a nice young man that is an arborist. 

Maple Syrup began his leave of absence from the trail today. His  cousin drove down from Montreal to pick him up. He’ll be back to complete his hike as soon as he heals up. We are having a hard time accepting we may be hiking up Mt Katahdin without him. 

2 thoughts on “Little Rock Pond Shelter-VT 103. 1683.1 done/506.7 to go. June 16, 2017. 

  1. It is almost like a death in the family when a hiking buddy has to leave the trail especially when you have come this far and experienced so much together.

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