VT 103-Sherburne Pass Trail. 1702.7 done/487.1 to go. June 18, 2017  

20 miles today if you count my AT miles. My actual miles were 24. A

There’s another trail called the “Long Trail”. The Long Trail runs the length of Vermont and is 272 miles. It existed before the AT. In fact Benton McKay, the man that dreamt up the AT was hiking the Long Trail when he had the inspiration. 

The AT and the Long Trail run concurrently for about 100 miles and they both use the white blaze to mark the path. 

Today the two trails split about two miles from where I intended to finish and I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I followed the wrong white blazes. So i went about two miles before I realized my mistake and had to turn around and go back to the intersection of the two trails. 

I had to pick up my Amazon food order at the Inn in Killington and that is where Engineer and I are. Coyote and Cheez are at Mountain Meadow Lodge about two miles from here.

Today we climbed higher than we have for several hundred miles and from here on the mountains get higher.

Today it’s supposed to rain again today so we aren’t sure how far we are going today. My pack is heavy again because I’m fully loaded on food. 

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