Madison Spring Hut-Wildcat Mountain peak D. 1873.4 done/316.4 to go. 85.54% done. July 3, 2017. 

10.8 miles today. Today ranks either first or second hardest. I can’t decide between today or day before yesterday when I was hiking in the thunderstorm. 

My first 1.7 miles took me four hours. I had to climb and descend Mt Madison. The rocks were very challenging, but it was the wind that put it over the top. It had to be gusting over 70mph. It was much stronger than on Mt Washington yesterday. It blew me down twice. I was battling to keep my balance the whole time I was above tree line, which was 1.7 miles. There were many times I just stayed in one spot and hung onto a rock. The gusts could literally move your foot as you were taking a step and my foot plant  would change as I stepped. 

Once I got below tree line and out of the wind it got much better and I made some time. 

At about 2:00 I made it to the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center and Lodge. I ate a sandwich and bought some Ben & Jerrys ice cream. 

They let me log onto their wifi so I could use messenger to let Amy know I was still alive. 

Then I started the climb up Wildcat Mountain. It was long and mostly straight up rock. It took me another four hours to do that 3 miles. 

At the top there’s this ski lift. I’m stealth camping here. I decided to use the deck of the lift to set up my tent. I’m really questioning that decision now as the wind has come up. It must be gusting up to 40 mph. This tent is shaking and bending. The temperature is in the 40’s. I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight. 

Tomorrow I’ll do the rest of the Wildcats and Carter Dome for sure. I’m not sure where I’ll finish. There’s no rain and the rocks are dry so I want to take advantage and go as far as possible. 

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