Wildcat Mountain Peak D-Imp Campsite. 1883.5 done/306.3 to go. 86.00% done. July 4, 2017. 

Only 10.1 miles today. Another tough day. 

Tearing down my tent this morning in the high winds was a challenge, but I got it done. I was hiking by 6:30. 

I climbed the other two peaks of the Wildcats first thing. Lots of up and down rocky terrain. 

I stopped by Carter Notch Hut about 9:30 and ate some of their leftover oatmeal and pancakes. That sure helps add some calories. It’s free, but it also helps them out to. Because these Huts are so remote they have to hike out all their waste, so they like everything to get eaten. 

Next I hiked up Carter Dome. Very long and steep. 

Then the trail down to Zeta pass got much easier. I decided I was going to go on to the shelter past this one. 

The hike up North Carter Mountain wasn’t bad. 

The hike down though forced me to change my plan. It was very steep and technical. It took me twice as long as I planned. There was no way to make it to the next shelter now. 

And the next section is up Mt Moriah and down the other side. That means stealth camp spots are very questionable. I didn’t want to have it turn dark on me with no place to camp. 

I have good phone service here and a great view. 

The caretaker here said we might be able to see the fireworks in Gorham New Hampshire from here. 

As of now(7:00 pm) I’m the only one in the shelter. It sure does feel different being completely alone now. Engineer is well ahead of me and Timber is almost done. Maple Syrup is still recovering at home in Montreal. 

Tomorrow I’ll go to Rattle River Hostel. I have an Amazon food delivery there waiting for me. 

3 thoughts on “Wildcat Mountain Peak D-Imp Campsite. 1883.5 done/306.3 to go. 86.00% done. July 4, 2017. 

  1. You’re doing good Red Goat ! Don’t forget, you only have 300 miles left to taste a delicious and full of nutriments Pop Tarts ! Or ramen noodles !!

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